09月 寶力晟電池官方網站成功改版。

In September, the  official  website  of  BLS  Battery   was successfully revised.

08月 寶力晟電池與華太航空科技股份有限公司達成戰略合作。

In  August, BLS  and  Huatai  aviation  technology  co. LTD  reached  strategic  cooperatio.

07月 寶力晟2V5AH卷繞電池成功中標巴基斯坦某機場地面照明系統。

In July, BLS 2V5AH spiral  winding  battery  successfully  won  the  bid  of  ground  lighting  industry  in  an  airport  of  Pakistan.



In  November, BLS  was  awarded  the  tender  that  purchase  outdoor  accumulator  for  Yunnan  Provincial  Hydrology  and  Water  Resources  Bureau.


In  August, BLS  launched  12V100AH  winding  battery  before  the  European  peers.



In November, BLS  Battery  low-temperature  winding  battery  and  China  ordnance  industriesgroup  reached  cooperation.

09月 寶力晟成功中標中國地震局低溫蓄電池采購項目,為極寒地區地質數據采集儀提供不間斷電源保障。

In  September, BLS  won  the  bidding  of  the  project  of  purchasing  low-temperature  accumulator  for  china  seismological  bureau,  providing  uninterruptible  power  supply  for  geological  data  acquisition  instrument  in  extremely  cold  district.



In  October, BLS  and  College  of  automation  engineering  of  UESTC  (University  of  Electronic  Science  and  Technology  of  China)  reached  strategic   cooperation.


In  April, BLS  and  North  University  of  China  reached  strategic  cooperation.



In  October, BLS  and  precision  machinery  department  of  Shanghai  University  reached  strategic  cooperation.

5月  寶力晟成為南方電網戶外輸配電系統低溫電池供應商。

In  May, BLS  became  the  supplier  of  China  Southern  Power  Grid  for  low-temperature  battery  of  outdoor  power  transmission  and  distribution  system


10月 寶力晟響應國家節能環保的政策號召,出售普通鉛酸電池業務,專注于卷繞電池以及醫療電池的開發生產。

In  October, BLS  responds  to  the  call  of  energy  conservation  and  environment  protection  bythe  country,  in  which sells  normal  lead-acid  cell  and  concentrates  on  the  development   and  production  of  winding  battery  and  medical  battery.


03月 寶力晟電池官方網站成功改版。

In March, the official website of BLS Battery was successfully revised.

02月 寶力晟參加廣州國際汽車改裝展覽會。

In February, LBS participated in the Guangzhou International Automobile Refitting Service Exhibition.


11月 寶力晟摩托車系列卷繞電池獲得俄羅斯最大摩托車電池進口商AUI公司的年度訂購合同。

In November, BLS motorcycle series spiral wound battery signed the annual purchasing contract with AUI, the largest motorcycle battery importer in Russia.

09月 寶力晟再獲智利EXPORTADORA MOLI LTDA公司光伏系統電池訂單。

In September, BLS obtained the order of photovoltaic system batteries from EXPORTADORA MOLI LTDA in Chile.

08月 BLS-12V8AH啟動型卷繞電池成功運用于深圳市電動汽車充電樁配套項目。

In August, BLS-12V8AH starting winding battery was successfully applied to supporting projects of electric vehicle charging piles in Shenzhen.

06月 寶力晟成為廣船國際股份有限公司船用電池供應商。

In June, BLS became the battery supplier of Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd.

04月 寶力晟參加在長沙舉行的2011年春季全國摩配展。

In April, BLS participated in the 2011 Spring National Motorcycle Exhibition that held in Changsha.

03月 寶力晟與徐工集團某下屬企業成功合作,為該公司所生產的工程機械設備提供配套啟動電池。

In March, BLS successfully cooperated with the subsidiary enterprise of XCMG, by providing supportive starting motors to the engineering machinery equipment that produced by this company. 


10月 寶力晟12V系列小容量啟動型摩托車電池正式上市。

In October, BLS 12V series small capacity starting motorcycle battery was officially listed in the market.

08月 寶力晟12V系列卷繞電池成功服務江漢油田以及大慶油田。

In August, BLS 12V series spiral winding battery successfully serviced Jianghan Oilfield and Daqing Oilfield.

05月 寶力晟電池與東南大學,華中科技大學國家光電實驗室,中國科學院地理科學與資源研究所等科研機構達成廣泛合作。

In May, BLS Battery established extensive cooperation with scientific institutes such as Southeast University, Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics in Huazhong University of Science and Technology and the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS.


In April, BLS-75AH spiral winding battery was adopted by Zhuhai Yacht Factory, to replace the common high capacity storage battery, thus winning favorable response.


In March, BLS obtained the official trademark registration certificate that issued by the State Administration of Trademark. The trademarks of “BLS” and “Baolisheng” belong to our company.


In January, BLS Battery was applied to the Daxinganling sub-branch of China Mobile in Heilongjiang. For reliable low temperature performance, it provided reliable electricity power guarantee to outside stations of this company in area with extreme cold.



In November, BLS reached cooperation agreement with Polar Research Institute of China, by providing outdoor low temperature resistant batteries to the polar scientific expeditions in China.

11月 寶力晟電池成功應用于四川電力高壓線路冰雪檢測系統。

In November, BLS Battery was successfully applied to the snow and ice detection system of high-tension line in Chengdu Power.

10月 寶力晟電池先后簽約深圳鹽田港,蛇口港,廣州港,上海港,為各港口提供港口專用吊車設備啟動型電池。

In October, BLS signed contracts with Shenzhen Yantian Port, Shekou Port, Guangzhou Port and Shanghai Port one by one, thus providing starting batteries for specialized crane equipment to each port.


In September, BLS spiral winding battery was adopted by the China School of the Second Academy of China Aerospace, to be applied in the study on new research topics.


In September, BLS passed through the Germany certification of VDS.


In August, BLS-50AH starting winding battery was adopted by the outdoor unit assembly of China Hydrologic Station for Yellow River.


In July, BLS-6V series spiral winding battery was applied to the R&D program of Chinese Academy of Meteorological Science.


In June, BLS Battery reached strategic cooperative relationship with Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, thus becoming its supplier of low temperature battery for outdoor meteorological detecting instrument.


In January, BLS was renamed Shenzhen BLS Battery Co., Ltd.


10月 寶力晟電池與江蘇省無線電研究所達成合作協議。

In October, BLS Battery reached agreement with Jiangsu Radio Research Institute.

09月 寶力晟電池通過美國FCC,歐洲CE以及ROSH環保認證。

In September, BLS passed through the certification of American FCC, European CE and environmental protection certification of ROSH.

08月 寶力晟低溫卷繞電池服務于哈爾濱鐵路局戶外信號系統。

In August, BLS low temperature spiral winding battery served the outdoor signaling system of Harbin Railway Bureau.

06月 寶力晟電池國際(香港)有限公司正式在香港成立。

In June, BLS International Battery (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd was officially founded in Hong Kong.

05月 寶力晟通過瑞士SGS認證。

In May, BLS passed through the Swiss certification of SGS.

04月 寶力晟電池參加上海以及北京改裝汽車展。

In April, BLS Battery took part in the Refitting Vehicles Exhibition in Beijing and Shanghai.


11月 寶力晟電池正式簽約《汽車導報-改裝四驅》雜志,成為其廣告客戶。

In November, BLS Battery officially signed contract with the magazine of “Auto News-Refitting and Four-Wheel Drive”, thus becoming its advertising customer.

10月 寶力晟電池參加香港秋季電子展。

In October, BLS Battery participated in Hong Kong Summer Electronics Exhibition.

09月 寶力晟正式向國家商標總局提出“BLS”及“寶力晟”注冊商標申請。

In September, BLS officially applied for the registration trademark of “BLS” and “Baolisheng” to the Stage Administration of Trademarks.

04月 寶力晟與華中科技大學國家光電實驗室簽約合作。

In April, BLS cooperated and signed contract with Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics in Huazhong University of Science and Technology.


12月 寶力晟簽約韓國INTELLI SYSTEM Co., Ltd,該公司成為BLS系列卷繞電池韓國地區代理商。

In December, BLS signed contract with Korean INTELLI SYSTEM Co., Ltd, which became the agent of BLS spiral winding battery in Korean district.

10月 寶力晟獲得俄羅斯邊境監控系統低溫蓄電池定單。

In October, BLS acquired the order of low temperature battery from border frontier monitoring system of Russia.

09月 寶力晟成功推出12V60AH卷繞電池。

In September, BLS successfully launched 12V60Ah spiral winding battery.

06月 寶力晟成功推出2V系列圓柱型卷繞電池,為國內首家。

In June, BLS successfully launched 2V series circular spiral winding batteries, which was the first case in China.


09月 寶力晟電子科技公司正式建立卷繞電池研發部,專項開展卷繞式鉛酸蓄電池的研發,成為國內卷繞技術研發的先行者。

In September, BLS Electronics Technology Co., Ltd officially established R&D department of spiral winding battery, exclusively developing spiral winding lead-acid storage battery, which was the pioneer of developing spiral winding technology in China.

04月 深圳市寶力晟電子科技有限公司在深圳正式成立。

In April, Shenzhen BLS Electronics Technology Co., Ltd was officially founded in Shenzhen.